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3D Consultation


Would you want to see how you would look after the plastic surgery before performing it? Have you ever struggled to explain the doctor what exactly you want to change in yourself?

All those doubts are in the past now…

We are happy to announce that now you can try the new revolutionary 3D imaging technology right during the consultation with Dr. Luis Mejia.

The mission of Crisalix 3D is to help you visualise your dreams and show it to your doctor. That’s how you always can be sure that the result of operation will meet all your expectations.

Surely, you are wondering how it works.

With the help of a special scanner connected with an iPad doctor will take a three-dimensional image of your body or face.

Then you will be able to see your 3D model on the iPad screen. Together with doctor you can simulate most of the existing estetix procedures and see how they will change your appearance, being able to modify different aspects, using different sizes of implants shapes, projections and etc…

Crisalix is the leading 3D imaging solution amongst plastic surgeons around the world. It carries out on-going and post consultation and surgery findings with patients to measure their level of satisfaction, thereby improving their level of satisfaction.

According to statistics, 90% of the patients who simulated with Crisalix have decided to perform the surgery, saying that the main driver was the ability to know what would be the end result.

Their opinions are overwhelming, 97% said that Crisalix helped them understand exactly what they want to change during the consultation. 82% made the confident decision choosing between implant sizes and for 53% of the patients, the 3D simulation was the determining factor for the surgery.

Moreover, as a patient you will have access to your 3D model from the comfort of your own home , so you can discuss your doubts with your family and friends. You can also get a second opinion anonymously in Crisalix 3D community where fellow patients from all around the world will offer first hand advice. It’s easy, friendly and exciting. Talk to Dr. Luis Mejia today and set up your own MyCrisalix Account.

Try on your new body&face today!

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