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When you are about to undergo plastic surgery, you must be aware of all the pros and cons, as well as all the important facts. I like to keep my patients informed at all times, not only by answering their questions, but also by sharing valuable information in my blog. Eyelids are the thinnest and perhaps most delicate skin on our bodies. Eyes are expressive, therefore with time and aging they can become saggy or puffy. In various cases, even before a certain age. When considering eyelid surgery, here are five things that you ought to consider:

1. choosing the right cosmetic surgeon

“Eyelid surgery not only requires a thorough knowledge of facial anatomy and a keen eye for aesthetic detail, but also the ability to adjust surgical techniques to the needs of an individual patient and create results that look natural for his or her ethnicity, age, gender and unique facial features.” – American Board of Cosmetic Surgery


Assessing your needs and wants is part of my job. So, in some cases you might have something in mind as to what you need and then it turns out the technique we can use differs from what you originally thought. Meaning… Consulting a plastic surgeon before making up your mind is the ideal thing to do. There are differing kinds of surgeries such as: Upper Eyelid, Lower Eyelid, and combined eyelid surgery. A combined eyelid surgery would include a brow lift in some cases.


This is considered an outpatient procedure therefore it can last from 40 to 2 hours. During the first and second week, expect some bruising and eye swelling, with an usual feeling of tightness.  You can carry on with normal life after a period of time and even take short trips but not without your surgeon’s clearance.


Keeping your head elevated and applying cold compresses can help a tremendous lot. Keep away from spending too much time on the computer. Wear sunglasses and avoid strong lighting. Avoid straining or bending down for at least 4 weeks.

5. maintenance

Remember that maintaining a healthy lifestyle will do wonders for your results. For example, a balanced diet, good skincare and applying sunscreen works like a charm. This procedure will help you maintain a youthful look that can last for years and years to come. However, the healthy lifestyle is of great influence with any cosmetic surgery (Sorry smokers, but this includes no smoking! Try to quit. It will always be better for you in the long run). Fillers or botox injections can also help if need be after quite some time.

“When performed by a qualified cosmetic surgeon, eyelid surgery is a safe, rewarding procedure with long-lasting benefits. The best way to learn how eyelid surgery might help you is to consult with a board certified cosmetic surgeon.” – American Board of Cosmetic Surgery

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